Goal 4 Strategies

  • Ask people to consider what their sense of purpose or meaning might be. So many individuals have been in survival mode for so long that their purpose has been to get through the day. More than what they want their life to look like, explore with them what they want their life to be about.


  • Ask the individual to identify some past experiences that felt meaningful and explore what was most positive about them.


  • Explore the kinds of activities that the individual may find meaningful today.


  • Encourage members to try new things as a fun part of creating their ideal life. Remind them that not all experiences will be equally rewarding, but that the process of trying them out will help them determine what is most fulfilling for them today.


  • Explore together how having a sense of meaning or purpose can help to support their recovery. For example, although going to treatment or looking for a job may feel burdensome at times, those activities are going to help them feel great about their life and protect their recovery.


  • Based on the person’s interests, help them connect with nonprofit interest groups (such as environmental, animal welfare, and faith organizations) that offer opportunities for volunteer and social activities.


  • Support the member with preparing for and finding employment, volunteer, and social support opportunities that match their interests and skills.


  • Attend community events with the individual to increase their comfort level.

Published 2020

Program Manager

Project Assistant