Goal 2 Strategies

  • Support members in thinking through how they would like to expand or strengthen their circle of support.


  • Ask members to identify one or two things that they would like to work on that would help strengthen their relationships, then support them in following through with their plan.


  • Support members in exploring who in their life might negatively impact their recovery and how they might minimize their contact with the person.


  • Discuss the kinds of activities that the individual would like to do for fun and who they might invite to join them. Then support them in taking the steps to have their desired experiences.


  • Offer to role-play new or difficult conversations that the individual may anticipate having to have with friends or family members about boundaries that they are trying to set.


  • Support members in having intentional conversations with their trusted friends about the kinds of support they would like in general.


  • Discuss ways the support network would know that the member might be becoming unwell, and what would be helpful during those times.

Published 2020

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