Goal 1 Strategies

  • Review the continuing support plan with the member and ensure that the activities in the plan are embedded in the individual’s weekly schedule. There should be a time and a place for all of the desired activities to occur.


  • Create the expectation that the plan will need to be adjusted as they determine what works for them.


  • Establish a review period in which the member “test drives” their continuing care plan after they’re in housing; make changes, as necessary.


  • Troubleshoot issues with implementing the continuing care plan. For instance, if they planned to join the JOH community for dinner two times a week but could not get transportation, work with the member to find a solution.


  • As members achieve their initial goals, work with them to set and achieve new goals.


  • Continue to help the member master common adult living skills, such as managing time, managing stress, reading a nutrition label, managing money, cooking meals, cleaning house, taking transportation, banking, using the library, and so on.

Published 2020

Program Manager

Project Assistant