Goal 1 Strategies

  • Accompany individuals on visits to their housing options and help them to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each before deciding where to live.


  • Spend time with the member in their new neighborhood to help familiarize them with the area, learn the location of grocery stores and pharmacies, learn about transportation options, and other community resources.


  • Support members in identifying the closest natural recovery supports to their chosen community and schedule visits together to assist them with beginning to build relationships. These might include 12-Step fellowships, faith-based recovery opportunities, recovery centers, and community-based peer-run support groups.


  • Collaboratively identify areas in the community that might present a challenge to the individual’s sustained wellness and support the person in creating strategies for successfully navigating the challenges. For example, if there is a corner where there appears to be a significant amount of drug activity, are there alternate routes that the individual can take to avoid the corner?

Published 2020

Program Manager

Project Assistant