Goal 4 Strategies

  • In groups and individual sessions, ask probing questions such as, “What has gotten in the way of your being able to create this life for yourself in the past?”

  • Ask individuals to reflect on and share the impact that substance use has had on their life so far, specifically how it has affected their goals.

  • Ask individuals to reflect on how substance use might affect their future goals and dreams.

  • Create opportunities for members to tell a story of the role substances have played in their lives through art.

  • Create ways for peer staff to share how substance use has affected their lives.

  • Ask other residents and alumni to share how their substance use and other behaviors impeded their ability to live their desired life and to describe the kinds of changes that they have made or are making.

  • Support the person in thinking through how they can build on their strengths, reduce their vulnerabilities, and take steps toward their dreams.

Published 2020

Program Manager

Project Assistant