Goal 1 Strategies

  • Ensure there is a place for new members to sit when they arrive.


  • Create a pleasant common area. For example, keep common areas clean and tidy, and make signs that welcome new residents by name.


  • Upon their arrival, offer the new member a beverage and a meal.


  • Ensure that the new member’s room is clean and that their bed is made for them upon their arrival.


  • Give the person a gift such as a basket with hygiene items, new clothing, towels, blankets, or decorative items.


  • Introduce the new member to a buddy or a peer specialist, who will help them learn about the program and adjust to the community.


  • Offer them a chance to shower.


  • Offer a tour of the facility.


  • Introduce the new person to current residents and staff. 


  • Ensure all staff (regardless of their role) understand the importance of helping members feel welcomed.


  • Genuinely communicate your excitement about their arrival. It needn’t be elaborate; simply looking a new member in the eyes and smiling can be a powerful way to welcome them in.

Published 2020

Program Manager

Project Assistant